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Your Star Grades = Your Competitive Edge
Four Special Grades Combined With Comprehensive Service

With our four special grades: ES Multiform SL, ES Primus SL, ES Antikor SL und ES Aktuell 1200, combined with our comprehensive service, you as customer can also extend your lead over the competition. In our two locations – Gummersbach and Reichshof –Wehnrath – you will find everything you need to make your products and/or tools real box office hits. This success is what our EschmannStahl special grades offer you.

We developed our ES Multiform SL to answer the need for a special steel grade which could be used for tools and moulds as well as for engineering purposes. This grade is meant to offer a viable alternative to the traditional grade 42CrMo 4 (1.7225) and is therefore, due to its uniform hardness, suitable for shafts, axels, bearings and guides. Machine components can be designed in smaller dimension which in turn represents considerable savings in terms total tool weight. A high yield point as well as a high toughness throughout the cross-section makes the ES Multiform SL the perfect choice for thin-walled profiles and critical cooling channels. 

Shortly after its introduction our ES Primus SL became very popular. Being a top quality hot work steel it is mainly requested in the area of pressure die casting. This ESR-special grade combines functionality and economy. ES Primus SL is considered the correct choice for heavily stressed as well as geometrically complex and large size die cast moulds, which are exposed to extreme thermal and mechanical factors.

Needless to say our special grade ES Antikor SL holds the title of being a classic plastic mould steel. The specific properties of this plastic mould steel make it suitable for aggressive plastics and extremely corrosive elements (not to be used for PVC or similar plastics). Once in use our ES Antikor SL proves its worth in terms of excellent machinability which contributes to less wear of cutting tips, its material properties in terms of finished machining and it low distortion point.

Therefore this special grade offers a whole variety of applications, which go well beyond that of a corrosion resistant holder die. Among other things, the properties of ES Antikor SL are perfectly suited to production processes requiring high quality tool surfaces. In addition this steel can be laser hardened which increases its wear resistance and production cycles. Its uniform hardness through the cross section, its high dimensional stability as well as its excellent toughness and welding properties represent additional advantages of this special grade.

We call our fourth special grade ES Aktuell 1200. This q + t plastic mould steel glitters in applications in which high thermal conductivity, good polishability and graining properties e.g. large sized tools are required. Its comparatively high wear resistance predestines this special grade fort he construction of bumpers, instrument panels, garbage containers and other large size moulds.

Our special grades:

ES Multiform SL
ES Primus SL
ES Antikor SL
ES Aktuell 1200


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