ES 245 W – 1.2344

Hot work steel with excellent temperature strength

CrMoV alloyed hot work steel with excellent high temperature strength and good toughness, good high temperature wear resistance, highest thermal shock resistance, very good cleanliness factor and excellent homogeneity, nitridable

Product features
  • X 40 CrMo V 5-1
  • As-supplied condition: soft-annealed to max. 229 HB (770 N/mm²)
  • General fields of application: Tools for forging machines, dies, die inserts, extrusion tools, hot shearing tools for forging machines
  • If nitrided, the nitriding depth should not be too deep otherwise increased thermal cracking may occur. Preheating to 200 - 300 °C before starting work is recommended. We recommend ES 245 W steel in ESR grade for highly polished mirror finishes.

Configure & Buy

Round Bar

We stock rolled or forged material in production lengths of 3 to 4 meters. Generally available in peeled or machined condition.

Round Bar
Flat Bar

We supply rolled or forged flat material as bars, sheets or blocks.

Some steel grades are also available with a pre-milled surface.

Flat Bar

With our optimized machining shop we are in the position to provide you with any requested dimension.

For this we also guarantee you shortest delivery times and  high economic efficiency.

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