Hot Work Steel

Tools steels for the highest requirements of tools

Due to our experience we continuously improve the toughness properties of our hot work steels. Hot work steels are used to produce tools for die-casting, extrusion of plastics and metal alloys, forging dies, plastics processing and hot forming.

Your benefits

  • Good high temperature strength and high temperature toughness
  • Good high temperature wear resistance
  • Good resistance to thermal shock
  • Good annealing stability
  • Good machinability
  • High dimensional stability during heat treatment
  • For ESR grades: mirror polishability

Thruhard Supreme®

ES ULW 65 – 1.1730

ES Aktuell – 1.2311

ES Aktuell S – 1.2312

ES 245 W – 1.2344

ES 370 G – 1.2714

ES Aktuell 1000 – 1.2738

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