ES Aktuell 1000 – 1.2738

quenched and tempered, nickel-alloyed plastic mould steel

Uniform hardness throughout the cross section, good polishability, good machinability, nitridable, suitable for chromium plating, weldable to standards using all welding processes

Product features
  • 40 CrMnNiMo 8-6-4
  • As-supplied condition: quenched and tempered to a hardness of 280 to 325 HB (950-1100 N/mm²)
  • General fields of application: Mould steel for plastic moulds with plate thicknesses of approx. 400 mm upwards if uniform hardness, increased toughness and polishability are required, even in the base of the mould. Moulds for television casings and backs, copier bodies, bumper moulds, moulds for dashboards and large external car body parts, waste container moulds, die casting frames.
  • ES Aktuell 1000 – a tool steel designed for the largest plastic moulds. The additional 1% nickel content considerably improves full thickness heat treatability compared with material 1.2311. Preworking the mould in the annealed condition followed by hardening and tempering after rough machining is not required.

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Round Bar

We stock rolled or forged material in production lengths of 3 to 4 meters. Generally available in peeled or machined condition.

Round Bar
Flat Bar

We supply rolled or forged flat material as bars, sheets or blocks.

Some steel grades are also available with a pre-milled surface.

Flat Bar

With our optimized machining shop we are in the position to provide you with any requested dimension.

For this we also guarantee you shortest delivery times and  high economic efficiency.

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