Thruhard Supreme® – special grade

Plastic mould steel with a uniform high hardness over the cross section, also for lager dimensions

Greater Reliability and Higher Productivity in Plastics Processing
If optimal graining suitability as well as high production and process reliability are called for, this is when you want to use Thruhard Supreme®. Due to the optimized properties of Thruhard Supreme®, by applying this steel grade you get maximum security and increase the cost-effectiveness of your production

Product features

Recently developed plastic mould steel, distinguished from grades 2311 and 2738 by:

  • Higher hardness and better through-hardenability
  • Polishability up to 600 grit (high gloss finish reliability on request)
  • Grain reliability even with sensitive etch-graining designs
  • Improved weldability
  • Higher thermal conductivity

Nitridable, hard chrome plateable, fl ame hardenable as delivered; its higher basic hardness provides better support for surface finishing (such as PVD coating)


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Technical data

Chemical analysis
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo V
0.26 0.10 1.45 0.02 0.00 1.25 1.05 0.50 0.10


Thruhard Supreme®

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